Tim Bond-Gonzalez

Managing Director

Tim Bond-Gonzalez

Tim founded U&P in 2001, having been a new homes sales negotiator for 15 years beforehand.

The principles of the company have not changed since day one: to provide great customer service.

Tim loves to learn, likes to cook and enjoys a good book.



What is your role?
I’m the founder and Managing Director. I act as a mentor to the team, and my door is always open for them to ask my advice. My role is to ensure we’re doing the very best job we can and remain true to our founding principle of great customer service. For me, this involves looking at the company from the outside, rather than just the inside.

What did you do before joining U&P?
I was in new homes sales for around 15 years.

Why did you start U&P?
I recognised that there was a requirement for a recruitment agency within the sector which delivered exceptional customer service to both its customers and its talent.

What’s great about working for U&P?
Specific to my role, it’s the different hats that I wear. This fuels my entrepreneurial spirit. I’m blessed to be working with such a diverse group of individuals, who have different personalities and different skill sets. I believe successful teams need to be honest with each other, which we are, and I welcome speaking truth to power. All this means we work well as a mentor group—we each mentor each other.

I agree with Kerwin Rae that you shouldn’t be afraid to employ people who can do the job better than you. Some of my team are certainly more skilled than me at certain tasks.

What did you want to be when you were at school?
A chef. I studied this at school and from the age of 15 worked in an Italian restaurant.

What’s your favourite place to visit in the UK?
I love Cumbria, particularly around Alston. I have had some great holidays there walking with my dogs.

What made you choose your current home?
I own a new build, which I love because it has a great entertaining space and room for my three dogs and our cat.

What would be the setting of your dream home?
That’s an easy one: Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. With a view of the lighthouse at Maspalomos.

What do you enjoy outside of work?
I love to learn, and although I think the famous Einstein statement ‘Once you stop learning, you start dying’ is slightly dramatic, I agree with the sentiment. I also like to cook and enjoy a good book.

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