Ricki Scott

Agency Workers Division Team Leader

Ricki Scott

Ricki joined U&P in early 2015, having worked in the Police Force for eight years and in recruitment for two.

He loves forging strong, lasting relationships, built on mutual trust, and is very competitive!

Ricki is a family man, and his life outside of work focuses on them.



What is your role?
I’m responsible for the day-to-day line management of the Agency Workers’ (Temp) Division, and I also manage my own region which covers the Southern and Northern Home Counties which, in U&P terms, is known as the East Region.

What did you do before joining U&P?
I worked in the Police Force for eight years, serving as a front line officer and Custody Officer, as well as being the direct line Manager for the Special Constabulary. Prior to joining U&P, I worked in recruitment for two years within the engineering and construction industry.

Why did you join U&P?
From my previous time in recruitment, I knew I had the ability to recruit and to forge strong, lasting relationships; however, I didn't feel I was in the right sector.

I spent three hours with Tim in my interview, and knew he was the kind of person I could see myself working for. What was also important was that U&P's vision and values reflected my own personal ones. I wanted to find a niche Recruitment Agency, which U&P offers, and it was important to me that the company operated ethically.

What’s great about working for U&P?
I have the freedom and autonomy to manage my own desk, my own time, and my team. I can build on my success; I'm very focused on business wins that result in growth for my Division. I want to ensure that my region and the Temp Division are the most successful parts of the business. I am very competitive!

I've built some fantastic relationships with our talent and our customers, and feel there is mutual trust. It's a great industry to operate in, we have a great team and it's great to come to work.

What did you want to be when you were at school?
A policeman, failing that James Bond would have sufficed.

What’s your favourite place to visit?
I enjoy the home county of Surrey as it’s a green, and a very eye catching county. There are also lots of nice high-end new build developments to visit.

What made you choose your current home?
The location. I enjoy wonderful views across the Solent from my back garden.

What would be the setting of your dream home?
A secluded location, with lots of green land and trees – rather like many of the Surrey developments. The home would need to let in lots of light in to reflect my energetic personality.

What do you enjoy outside of work?
I love spending time with family. I have children who form the backbone of my life, so my focus outside of work is ensuring my family are happy and enjoying life. I have a deep passion for most genres of music, especially jazz. I really enjoy comedy; I think if you can laugh a lot in life then you are half way to winning.

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