Bridget MacDonald

Financial Controller

Bridget MacDonald

Bridget joined U&P in early 2018, and has around 30 years’ experience of accounting.

She is passionate about accounting and problem solving.

Bridget is a big sports fan and loves the rural life.



What is your role?
I’m the Financial Controller.

What did you do before joining U&P?
I’ve always loved accounting, and have spent my entire career working in various accounts/finance roles. Industries I’ve worked in include Health (26 years), Adult Care (5 years) and charity (5 years). Strangely enough, when I competed high school I did a Nursing Diploma!

Why did you join U&P?
I was made redundant, which was challenging, and having spoken to Tim, felt I would thrive here. I’m glad I joined, as I can continue my passion for accounting and problem solving. I’ve been here since April 2018.

What’s great about working for U&P?
We have such a lively bunch of people! In my previous roles, I would have my own office in a corner, but I’m finding it refreshing to be in an open plan office. The people are lovely, the work is challenging and achievable—what’s not to like!

What did you want to be when you were at school?
Always an accountant!

What’s your favourite place to visit?
I grew up in the countryside in Zimbabwe, and it made me just love the soothing sounds of nature.

What made you choose your current home?
It was all about the location—I love rural life.

What would be the setting of your dream home?
Somewhere rural, of course, with a swimming pool and a braai (South African for BBQ) area.

What do you enjoy outside of work?
I love listening to Christian music and watching sports like basketball and football. I’m an active member of a church, and lead the catering team, which means organising monthly fellowship meals and other functions.

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