When recruitment becomes a grudge purchase

When recruitment becomes a grudge purchase

How much will it cost?

It’s high up on the list of things you ask when you go to buy a TV, car, house or almost any service really.

Yet, when it comes to recruitment, the price is often the last thing that comes into question and it’s almost always seen as a negotiable figure.  

Having worked in the new homes market servicing sales directors for almost two decades, I’ve experienced more than my fair share of conversations over cost.

Like all good sales staff, working the price down is hardwired into our blood. Whether it’s over a competitive housing project or cutting pennies on your haircut, we’re born to haggle.

That’s not to say that if exclusivity, retainers and the promise of ongoing business are laid out on the table, the price won’t move.

Let’s talk money...

I’ve often found that there’s a real reluctance to part with money for recruitment services, despite it being a fundamental cog in your business scaling and thriving.

This travels across almost all markets and industries.

I recently spoke about the cost to your £30m housing project when you leave recruitment to an afterthought.

Talent isn’t stocked on shelves and the best person for the role might be sitting behind 100 relevant candidates that need to be individually screened.

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"Good recruitment is not a reactive service, it’s built over time and constantly nurtured"

What you pay for

Throwing money at job boards and screening paper candidates aren’t a premium service.

A recruiter worth their salt understands the nuances of the market, the recruitment process and can map it all accurately in detail for you.

They’ll be able to challenge the brief and manage your expectations. Source passive talent. Screen applicants. Prep them, and guide all parties across the journey.

Good recruitment is not a reactive service, it’s built over time and constantly nurtured.

When the price is right

The price is the price because you’re paying for a guaranteed level of service that we’re accountable for.

You’re paying for peace of mind and the opportunity to focus your efforts on where they’re most needed.

You’re paying for a line of communication into a candidate network that you might not find, let alone be heard by. I’ve around 5,000 candidates in my CRM, but it’s the candidate’s phones that I’m in that really matters.

Most importantly, you’re paying for us to deliver.

Question on value not cost

A premium paying client is going to secure a talent pipeline because they understand the value of recruitment and are willing to pay for it.

Like any bad relationship, when finance becomes the battleground you’re inevitably onto a loss maker.

Instead of looking at cost, start looking at the value added and what you could do working in tandem with an agency that understands your needs.

Think about the time, peace of mind, direction and security that a good recruiter can provide.

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What is the recruitment timeline?

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