What you can expect from our agency workers

What you can expect from our agency workers

In short, we offer professional, well presented sales professionals, who can talk well and sell well.

When we source talent, we’re looking for people that can demonstrate that they have a good understanding of the uniqueness of new home sales and/or can offer transferrable, relatable skills. If they don’t have new homes sales experience, they’re likely to have come from an industry famed for great service. Perhaps within the airline industry or selling prestige cars.

We have very high expectations, and our talent is made aware of this. As well as their social skills, we expect them to have the very highest standards of personal presentation, to be well groomed. For peace of mind, we assure our customers that if their expectations are not matched, we will act swiftly, and robustly.

Our talent are not just reliable, they go above and beyond. For example, they will be prepared to contact sites to obtain handovers and get the detail they need in order to be effective. They are not passive and will act as if they were a full-time part of the business.

Our agency workers know that they’re representing our business, the customer’s business, and themselves.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a temporary worker, or considering becoming a New Homes Sales Negotiator.