What is DISC Profiling and why should you use it

What is DISC Profiling and why should you use it

Here at U&P we use DISC profiling on every candidate that makes it to the interview shortlist to join our team.

For us, DISC is an essential tool as it provides an easy to understand profile of an individual’s behavioural differences. Each prospective team member is asked to complete a series of questions, normally online, that produces a detailed report about their personality and behaviour.

The report gives tips on the best way to encourage and manage the individual. It also gives a great insight into each person, on how to respond to conflict surrounding them, what motivates them, what causes them stress, and how to solve problems concerning them by reviewing their behaviour in those circumstances. We always provide a copy of the DISC report to each candidate we interview.

What is DISC?

D: DOMINANCE: This places an individual’s emphasis on accomplishing results, the bottom line and confidence.
I: INFLUENCE: This places an individual’s emphasis on influencing or persuading others, openness and relationships.
S: STEADINESS: This places an individual’s emphasis on cooperation, sincerity and dependability.
C: CONSCIENTIOUSNESS: This places an individual’s emphasis on quality and accuracy, expertise and competency.
If you know what you are looking for in your next recruit, DISC can help you make that choice. The first step is to define what you need and prioritise your ideal candidate requirements using DISC keywords.


Sales People

If you are looking for an awesome sales person that’s going to knock their targets out of the park then you need a high I (Influence); these people are enthusiastic, sales focussed and normally really charismatic. The caveat to a high I is that they’re not great administrators and so they will make the sales but you need to stay on top of them to ensure their paperwork is done. If they have elements of D (Dominance) in their profile, that’s even better for a sales person as they are accomplishment driven.

If Admin is the second biggest priority for the role, you may want to look for someone who has some C (Conscientiousness) in them as they tend to be more methodical. What you’re not looking for in a sales person is a high C. These people are far too methodical and will put administration above sales every time.

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"DISC gives a great insight into each person, to help you manage and motivate them"

Sales Progressor

If you need someone who’s great at administration, communication, and dealing with solicitors, conveyancers and mortgage companies etc. then you will want a C, probably with some D and S (Steadiness), as this gives a blend of admin, cooperation and accuracy. All these are essential requirements in a Sales Progressor.

There is another level to DISC profiling and this is team fit

A high I is normally bouncy and lively, full of beans... think Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. This can mean that a high S or C can find them very overpowering and can become overwhelmed in their presence.

I’m a very high D and my team know that I want only salient facts, and I don’t like lots of waffle; give me the facts and I’ll give advice and/or make a decision.

I want to keep moving; I’m an ideas person who is constantly thinking ahead, planning and coming up with ideas. The problem with being such a high D is that I have too many ideas and have had to learn to prioritise them. With help and guidance from my mentor, I’m learning that even the BEST idea needs to be tested and measured.

I firmly believe that DISC profiling helps select the right person for your team, and that’s why we at U&P use it.

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