Two Decades In Recruitment Has Taught Me…

Two Decades In Recruitment Has Taught Me…

That the most productive relationships are built on partnerships and a real understanding of timelines.

Placing into the new homes sales market over the last two decades, I’ve learnt to keep pace in a rapidly moving sector.

Everything moves so quickly, until it doesn’t.

Remember the missing piece

Those tying a housing development together are pulled in so many directions that they often overlook a critical cog in moving a project forward.

Houses don’t sell themselves.

If you don’t have the right sales negotiators there to meet and market your new builds, then everything comes to a grinding halt.

Realising four weeks prior to your launch that you need a sales negotiator is simply not enough time.

Plot backwards from when people will be needed. Recognise that it takes between 12 and 16 weeks to recruit a talented sales negotiator.

It’s not a case of Supermarket Sweep where you’re able to grab top talent off the shelf as and when the demand arises. You’re going to be left with the crusty loaf.

I know that the sales directors I sell to are incredibly busy people, which is why time management, understanding the process and a clear recruitment roadmap need to be rolled out from the outset.

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"If you don’t have the right sales negotiators then everything comes to a grinding halt."

Make an ally of HR

Sales negotiators are a finite resource. Around 90% of the 5,000 contacts I have in my CRM are currently working in a role.

If you’re coaxing them out of a role, or they’re actively looking, then any delay is going to threaten your chances of securing them.

When all the decision makers aren’t moving to the same beat, the recruitment process is setting itself up for a fall. A candidate won’t commit to anything until there’s a contract in front of them. Those with the “need” and HR departments, need to work together to streamline the offer.

The sales environment has changed

Cinnamon buns and pots of coffee where 70% of new builds were sold on the day are a thing of the past.

If even half of that figure are purchased on launch days then you can consider them a success.

Projects are bigger, competition fiercer and businesses need a committed sales negotiator to nurture that process past the immediate sale.

It could be six months or five years, but it’s always better to have that talented negotiator that’s invested in the project for its duration.

What makes a relationship work

The best partnerships are built on understanding.

Sitting down at the beginning of the process and mapping out the deliverables. It also means scheduling the time with decision makers to review shortlisted CVs, interview candidates and sign off the job offer.

When clients can trust that everything is moving forward in the background, recruitment stops being seen as a grudge purchase and starts becoming a valuable partnership.

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Tim Bond-Gonzalez

Founder and Managing Director of U&P, Tim has over 30 years' experience in the New Home Sales industry. For more thought leadership on recruitment, connect with Tim on LinkedIn