At U&P we have customers not clients

At U&P we have customers not clients

The language that we use when talking about who we deal with on a day-to-day basis has evolved

Our business is constantly evolving, and one recent shift has been the language that we use when talking about who we deal with on a day-to-day basis. I founded the company on delivering great customer service, and we have two distinct groups of people we want to delight. Read about our customers in this post.

Customer: A person who buys goods or services from a shop or a business.

Until recently, we used to call our customers ‘clients’. However, we felt this wasn’t right, as it undervalues our customers and the relationships we hold with them. A customer chooses to buy goods/services, and they can shop around. Whereas a client relationship is perceived differently; it is an assumed relationship. We’re not so arrogant as to assume customers will use our services, and this is why we’ve changed the terminology.

A customer wants to be delighted by the service they receive. It is up to us as a service provider to ensure that we have the right framework in place to always deliver the great service that our customers will expect. We’re open about what our customers should expect from us. When they give us a vacancy – temp or perm – we will ensure we can meet their requirements, tell them what we'll do next, give them clear timelines, and strive to ensure they’re happy.

If we feel a vacancy will be difficult to fill, due to a talent shortage in that area, we will be honest and say it may take a little longer to source. It's appreciated that the customer is likely to want CVs swiftly, but it's important to manage expectations, otherwise you will under deliver. We always try to over deliver. We'll say we'll give a 10/10 service, yet will deliver 11/10!

Recruitment is a grudge purchase

Recruitment guru, Greg Savage, talks about recruitment being a grudge purchase. To clarify what this means, if someone has 100k set aside to buy the car of their dreams – there is no grudge when purchasing. However, if someone has a beaten-up car which breaks down and it will take serious money to get it back on road, this will be a grudge purchase. You pay because you have to.

Ideally, a customer would like to have talent waiting on a shelf in the back office, ready to pick them off when a replacement is required - but this is not the reality. Therefore, this affects the mentality on how we relate to our customers. It can be a tough road, though. If our talent isn't selected for a role, then a week's worth of work will go financially unrewarded, as unless it's Executive Search it is no placement, no fee.

Still, this is the reality of the industry we’re in. But as we know that recruitment is a grudge purchase, we strive extra hard to deliver exceptional service to our customers and deliver great talent for the role.

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