Are you really committed to finding a new job?

Are you really committed to finding a new job?

It’s vital that we believe in the talent that we represent...

It’s vital that we believe in the talent that we represent. Not only do they have to have the right skills and experience, but they have to show a level of commitment to us and be honest about what they’re looking for.

What’s the driver for finding a new role?

When someone contacts us and says they’re looking for a new role, we will always strive to drill down and get to bottom of what they’re really looking for. It’s important to get clarity so we can measure opportunities against the ‘reality checklist’. Occasionally what someone initially says and what they really mean are different.

For each vacancy, we qualify a candidate for their sincerity. We ask questions such as 'Would you take the role at this salary?' We do push back if there are signals that they maybe unsure and will say if we don’t think they’re right for the role.

For example, we sometimes hear that their current journey to work is too long. Whereas this is understandable if someone wants more family time, we would then ask a candidate would they stay in their current role for an extra 5k? If they say 'yes' then their driver for changing really isn't the journey, it’s all about the salary. On the flip side, someone may say they want more money, but would they be willing to treble their journey time for an extra 5k? It's important to play out these scenarios before we consider putting someone forward, as, for the sake of our relationship with the customer, we need to be sure someone is genuine.

We recheck sincerity at every stage

If our talent is put forward for an interview, we reclarify with them if the package is still acceptable. If they've changed their minds, we will ask why and then withdraw their application. We will never attempt to talk our talent into going for an interview. Similarly, if we can sense some reservations from our talent or start to feel they may no longer be the right person, we will probe them. What we're looking for is for them to say: I am the right person for the role because...

Likewise, we won't talk a customer into seeing someone they're not sure about. Obviously, we will have got to know someone beyond their CV, their personality etc., and will express why we believe the person is 100% right. But the customer will have their instincts too, and we will respect them.

If you can’t tackle the salary conversation – then are you really an effective sales person?

One of the situations I personally dislike the most is when someone is looking for another job offer to use solely as a counter offer to drive up their own salary. This is a waste of everyone’s time - ours, our customers and, in the end, theirs.

In this situation, when the talent refuses the offer, our customer is unlikely to review our other candidates, as it would be like settling for second best. We are then back to scratch and have to spend time looking for other talented individuals.

Sales people should be able to re-sell themselves and be comfortable renegotiating their salary. And if they’re good at what they do, there will be the evidence of the sales they have made. In the rare occasions when a counter offer does drive up a salary, the boss is likely to be unhappy about being held to ransom and may well hold a grudge moving forward. So, the person could need to start to search for another job soon anyway!

In summary

We want to see a high level of commitment and sincerity from our talent. We will be open and honest with them, and we expect the same back. It’s okay to be unsure why you want a new role, we can help identify the reasons and work together to find some solutions.

Contact us today if you’re looking for your next role, or considering starting a career as a New Homes Sales Negotiator.


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