A day in the life of Ian Shilley—U&P Account Manager

A day in the life of Ian Shilley—U&P Account Manager

If you want to know what a member of the U&P Tribe gets up to all day, then read on…

9am I arrive in the office, grab a coffee, see how everyone in the team is doing, and then check my emails. I rank them by urgency and then begin to reply - either over the phone or by email. I action interview requests or anything to do with placements first. On an average day I receive over 50 unique emails; it will be more than double if we've had a mailshot go out.
Once my inbox is under control, I start to run through sourcing for candidates for live vacancies.

11am I call some customers (clients). The purpose is a mixture of sales calls to see what’s available and networking to find out how things are going and also if there is anything coming up that they may need assistance with. It's all about trying to win some extra business.

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time on the phone. It's not just about discussing live vacancies, it's important to network with my existing contacts to ask for recommendations for talent and customers. You never know—sometimes a single phone call can open up a whole new region.

"it's vital to talk to people about the industry to stay on top of the latest news and trends"

1pm I don’t live far from the office, so I pop home for lunch. It’s the beauty of being local.

2pm I get back to my desk and undertake a bit of a repeat of the morning. I scan my emails and reply to the most urgent first. Then I chase up customers or talent who have yet to reply from my contact in the morning. Mondays I have a quick meeting to discuss how my desk is performing and what I have planned for the next couple of weeks.

3pm I head out on a site visit. It is nice to take a bit of a break from my PC screen and to do some face-to-face. Today it's a site visit, tomorrow it will be a customer visit. It's great to have so many different people to interact with. As well as drumming up business, it's vital to talk to people about the industry to stay on top of the latest news and trends.
As we are an ethical business, I want to make clear that we never network to poach talent, but we will talk to people to see if they have any recommendations of others who may be looking for their next role. Referrals are often our best leads.

4.30pm Back in the office and I post some vacancies on job boards and then scan our database to source for candidates for the numerous roles I'm working on.
I use LinkedIn a lot—do connect with me and the rest of the team!

5pm It's time to wrap things up for the day, so, once again, I re-check my emails and call if something is urgent. It's important for us to deliver on promises, and this is why I spend a fair amount of time chasing people up.

After one last look at some job boards and LinkedIn, I shut down my PC and head home. I'm usually home by 6pm, which means I can achieve a great work/life balance.

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Ian has 9 years’ recruitment experience across a number of sectors and constantly strives to provide excellent customer service.