6 signs you should look for a new role

6 signs you should look for a new role

We all spend a lot of time at work, so it’s important to be in a role where you feel engaged

We all spend a lot of time at work, so it’s important to be in a role which challenges you and for a company that you feel engaged with.

Here are six signs from the U&P Tribe that it may be the right time to start working on your CV.

1. You're no longer challenged - your boss should be interested in stretching you and you should have the motivation to seek new responsibilities. 
Think: When was the last time you went out of your comfort zone at work?

2. You don't embrace the company culture - the values of the company should match yours and there shouldn't be a big gap between what the Leadership says and then actually does. 
Think: Read your Vision and Values – are these lived and breathed by you and your colleagues?

3. Your salary is the only reward - great companies offer so much more than a pay slip; with many offering benefits such as learning and development opportunities, flexible working and great feel-good CSR initiatives; as well as financial-based benefits such as discounts and buying/selling holiday.
Think: When was the last time you utilised a company benefit?

4. You hate your boss - one of the most popular LinkedIn posts of all time is: people don't leave their companies, they leave managers. Bad bosses seldom ever improve.
Think: Do you receive regular performance feedback from your boss?

5. It's no fun - whereas you are at work to work, there should always be time for play and everyone needs a laugh or a gossip to brighten their day. 
Think: Do you have a work bestie?

6. You're not 'you' at work - your job shouldn't make you feel extra tired, unable to smile and prone to complaining. 
Think: Look back on how you felt when you first started the job… do you still feel the same way now?

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