10 Top CV Writing Tips

10 Top CV Writing Tips

Your CV is like the worm on the end of a fishing line. These 10 Tips will increase your chances of getting snapped up

Your CV is rather like the worm on the end of a fishing line. Follow these 10 Tips from the U&P Tribe to increase the chances of a prospective new employer taking your bait and calling you for interview, rather than leaving you dangling


1. Don’t forget the basics – include your name and contact details – make it easy for the recruiter, don’t make them have to search for your information

2. Put a name to a face – include a professional portrait picture; help them get to know ‘you’

3. Don’t be fancy – use standard fonts on white or cream paper; fancy fonts or colours could be distracting

4. Use bullet points – make it easy for the recruiter to tick off how you match the key accountabilities for the role (rather like a shopping list)

5. Think backwards - include your career history from your latest role first

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"make it easy to see how you match the key requirements for the role"

6. Tell your work story – list the companies you’ve worked for, the job title, the month/year from/to

7. Highlight key responsibilities – display the scope of your roles and try to match them to the job description

8. Shout about your key achievements – make them tangible and measurable: what did you achieve and what was the impact?

9. Let them know you’re qualified – list University/college/school qualifications, if specific to the role

10. Prove you’re a human being – list your hobbies and interests outside of work at the bottom; be sure to demonstrate that you’re a team player

Best of luck getting that all-important interview!

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